‘Head over heals in love’: The description given by 33% of American survey respondents

Skimming through parts of a report on a survey conducted for AARP titled Love actually: A national survey on adults 18+ on love, relationships and romance [http://assets.aarp.org/rgcenter/il/love_09.pdf] (2009), I noticed that 33% of respondents said that ‘I already am head over heals in love’* (pg 5). Gosh, surely that means that a lot of people have a reason to be in a great mood. Unless, of course, they are ‘head over heals’ with somebody who they cannot be in a relationship with. Yet it does look pretty good for people who are in love because, according to the report, 66% are married/ live with that person and 25% are dating that person (pg 25).

I wonder what responding ‘head over heals’ means to those people surveyed, and if living with somebody meant that there was some internal pressure to respond in the affirmative to being in love. I also wonder if anybody completing the survey came to any realisations about their relationship(s) in life on the basis of answering the questions.

* This answer was an avaliable response to a direct question about having fallen ‘head over heals’ in love.


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