Key words and the supervisor search

As part of my search for a second supervisor I jotted down a list of key words for my research. The list is… [Drum roll please]

  • Aspiration
  • Choice making
  • Welfare
  • Poverty
  • Community development
  • Social inclusion
  • Social exclusion
  • Evaluation
  • Community
  • Success
  • Place based

I plugged the above list into a Google search, and came up with mostly Australian conference programs, reports and articles. I think that is interesting, but not surprising considering the rather prevalent in Australian politics terms of ‘aspirational voter’ and now ‘social inclusion’.

No further insights have been gained into a potential second supervisor. There has been oodles of work done on welfare in Australia by people working at Melbourne University, but I would be interested to find somebody who could provide some inspiration when it comes to the research methods and the wider theoretical aspects of the project. I am quite confident that my primary supervisor will keep me grounded in the real world consequences of the research and the practicalities of getting the project and thesis done.


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