Thinking about my project (Striving for clarity)

Title: Port Melbourne: One or many communities?

Aim: This project is a whole of community and a whole of life look at the people who live in Port Melbourne.


• Explore the real life complexities, capacities and capital of community, along with claims to community, in a geographic area.

• Gather data on an area that contains a ‘social mix’ that is not shaped by ‘outcomes’.

Rational: Super-imposed ideas of community, especially in regards to community care and community capacity building, have real world effects. The notion of ‘community’ has a range of meanings, but this ambiguity has been collapsed in the actions of government to implement a range of what can be considered ‘neoliberal’ solutions to issues around poverty.

Methodology: The data for this project will be generated through many conversations with different people, in different places. Data will also be drawn from the different events that make up life in Port Melbourne from day-to-day grocery shopping to public forums aimed at shaping the built and social environment of the area.



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