My supervisor is right.

I need to focus in on what it is really about. Unfortunately my project is really about ‘community’. Drats! This is a topic that I actively avoid. What can I do?

It is a lot more challenging getting an ethics form done when your supervisor actually reads the thing. It is a good sort of challenge, but unless I can rise to it I am never going to have data to think with. I think perhaps I am a bit too theoretical for this project. My supervisor says words like ‘sub-cultures’ or suggests titles and all I can do is feel overwhelmed by all the critiques I have floating around in my head.

Perhaps I am just feeling disgruntled because of poor sleep, the side of my jaw that impacted on the van door last year has been swelling up and hurting, and there are not any seminars I am looking forward to until the 26th May.  To add to it, I have not had an idea-induced-high for weeks now and it is unlikely that there are any on the horizon whether I knuckle down and map out this work on communities or keep wandering off on tangents related to action and material culture. Gosh, could I be any more of a nerd?


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