Maybe community is not the answer, maybe it is the problem?

My head is starting to feel quite a lot better today and looking over the notes I have been writing so far this week is a bit like a less interesting version of trying to recall parts of drunken conversations with a slight hang over. Anyway, my cranky confusion has lead to me feeling rather negatively about community especially in reaction to this rather rosey picture painted by A Fairer Victoria,

Liveable communities are places where people want to live. They have good local facilities and services, economic and social activities, a diverse and sustainable natural environment, affordable housing, and a sense of safety and security where rights are protected and diversity is welcomed.”A Fairer Victoria 2010 Pg 70

Maybe there is weak community and there is hard community, sort of like weak and hard multiculturalism? I do not have anything against ‘hard multiculturalism’, but then again I am one of those university dwellers.

People like Brunswick but ‘… the social capital of Brunswick is not the closed community of the village but the urban community of weak ties.’ (Woodcock, Dovey and Wollan 2009 :9). Community means giving up privacy, which is not necessarily what people wanted in the study of Green Views (see Richards 1990: 165). Even more telling is the way that people talk about neighbours. ‘There is no unanimous definition of a good neighbour at Green Views, … most contained two faces.’ such as ‘ “Neighbours are the only people we do know really, but then we hate people who live in your yard” (Richards 1990:221).

Rich people, with large blocks and thick walls able to pay for baby sitters and house sitters spending weekends by the beach or in the country, do not have to have anything much to do with their neighbours.

I have to dash to a session on ‘Research data management’, joy!



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