Nowhere too impressive yet

I have come across Stephen Vaisey‘s work quite by accident, although I am surprised I have not found it on any of my attempts at more systematic searching. I was rather excited to fin his work because he brings together a lot of my interest areas, and seems to be doing it very successfully. Sure, he adds ‘cognition’ into it all and does a lot of stuff with statistics that I am yet to fully understand, but the fact that aspirations/ notions of the good life are worth looking at and that motives, actions, justifications and evaluations can be discussed and explored are enough to make it worthwhile. He even discusses altruism as possibly not being an ‘issue’ but rather another notion of ‘the good life’.

I think I am slowly starting to accept other people using the word ‘culture’. I am not quite ready to make the leap in my own writing, but hopefully in a couple of days I will be there.

It seems strange that nobody has bothered to come across Rebecca Allahyari‘s work. I know that I think her book would have been much more useful if she had outlined how she situates her concept of ‘self work’ in comparison to Foucalut’s work (and I suspect that Catherine Dolan’s shift from citing Allahayri’s work to citing Foucault may be evidence that I am not the only one who thought that), but I thought the empirical research was great. I will say that I am rather biased because that book provided me hope throughout my honours year that participant observation in a Christian Welfare organisation was worthwhile.


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