News and the ‘working family’

During honours I lost all contact with what was happening in the wider world, including those events that I would usually stumble across through the media. Three months of reading has given me plenty of time to read the news and check almost every update to the ABC website. I even watch the news on TV at least once a week now.

The result of all this time spent? I recently though that if I was to hear one more reference to working families I will need to vent about what a ridiculous term that is. Today that time came.

‘Working families’ in some ways suggest that the act of having someone (I assume it is an adult) working means that all people in that family have the experience of working. This is a bit of an ideological point and could be traced alongside various ‘culture of poverty’ arguments without much bother. It is possibly a handy tool to create a sense of a shared ‘best interest’ between all those who undertake any waged labour. After all, you do not want to say ‘all non-welfare receivers’ because plenty of people who earn wages get various government hand outs (baby bonus, first home owners, etc.).

Anyway, I just wanted to post that so I can stop thinking about it.



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