Acknowledging my mistakes: It does not pay to be lazy when it comes to enrolling in further studies

I think I came to the wrong faculty and wrong school to do my PhD. It was great today in that some of us students had our second ‘discussion group’ (which wasn’t particularly exciting and I think we might need to bring in a bit more structure but those that came seem keen to continue meeting). However, somebody from anthropology the other day showed me an email about a senior postgraduate seminar series being run in that school. It looks really interesting as it is on Bourdieu, which is clearly shaping up to be of great relevance to my project, but I cannot find any mention of it anywhere on the university website which seems to suggest it is not all that open in terms of who can apply.

Rather than trying out new things my school is really cutting back on opportunities for student-staff interaction and students being challenged to be part of a research community. I know it is up to us students to build our own support networks, but it would be nice to be challenged and learn through watching others collaborate.

It is my fault, because it should have been easy to work out that nobody seems to talk in corridors here, there is no seminar series and simply asking probably would have let me know that the monthly events were to be converted to quarterly ones from 2010. If I had my time over again I would have asked around to find out if I could meet some current students and when they said there was not any real place in the department that people gather in that way I would have had my hard evidence to persevere with other options.

Ah well, worse things have happened.


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