Thinking about theory (which is what I seem to do instead of getting real work done)

The sky has grown dark and cold, not that it is easy to tell in here with no windows (I am still at uni). Why I am still here trawling through the internet I am not sure. I have been moving between searching for online representations of the area I want to study, searching for journal articles relevant to my current quest to work out what class-like-notion I should use in my project and reading work of general interest.

I was thinking on the weekend that I will probably stop checking the Savage Minds blog soon, as the troll like arguments were not that interesting. However, there has been a bunch of discussion about ‘theory’.

While theory was something I tried to side step for much of my BA, I have found myself getting quite into the idea of theory. I think much of my growing fascination with theory comes from my interest in the role of ideas about the world in creating our world. I just keep finding myself coming back to the argument running through my ‘Working with value’ lectures along the lines of, ‘Your understanding of the fundamental nature of people will shape the way that you interpret the choices made by people.’ (As way of reference, when asked for a reference to follow this up further, the lecturer suggested Wilk, R. R. and L. Cliggett (2007). Economies and cultures: foundations of economic anthropology. New York, Westview Press.)



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