Why didn’t I think of that earlier?

If I could start this whole PhD business over again I would choose to explore understandings of ethical behaviour on a resort island.

Yes, I am pretty disenchanted with my topic at the moment and still cannot get it down to a single question or idea. I also need to build up the confidence to find out who has the time and the interest in my project to be a second supervisor or on my committee. Not being able to put my project ideas into a single sentence I am happy with is quite a significant factor with all emails intended to sound out interest levels being deleted long before they are in state to be sent.

On a more positive note, the third meeting of the discussion group that some of us students in my school have started seemed to go down well. One of the students presented some statistics from part of her research. The statistics were completely outside my understanding, but the story they told was rather interesting. Basically she had pushed her results through two different types of maths, got completely different results, and was only able to work out which ones actually demonstrated what was going on by which results made sense. It is reassuring to see that the understandings we gain from our own lives are important in getting research right. It was really fascinating that what counts as ‘positive coping’ and ‘maladaptive coping’ was only seen as perhaps deserving discussion (and somewhat problematic categories under which to present results) by a minority of us.



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