The Tally Room- another option for finding out what is happening in other places without leaving home

The Tally Room-

This is a site with some information on federal electorates. I think the comments are the most interesting part. I noticed Melbourne Ports has  a particularly fun exchange.

General update

Yes, this blog is turning into lots of links and not much else. I have a cold, so feel very foggy around the edges. I have been busy with some ‘mopping up’ reading when it comes to journal articles, so nothing particularly post-worthy (except this very entertaining review by Wacquant of the work of Anderson and others). I am also trying to make my way through academic books about suburbs.

My ethics application should be reviewed by the committee next week, and I am keen to find out what they think of my project. I am putting off getting stuck into a written literature review while I toss up whether to look at moral accounts of suburbs or the significance of talking to others.



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