What an amazing week

It has been a week of being ‘just in time’, arriving moments before the heavy rain, nearly – but not quite – slipping over and the list goes on. Along with my negotiating the physical landscape luck luck I also got invited to some great stuff this week (such as this, and yes we had great seats in the stalls), booked a short trip to India and Bangladesh for the end of the year, and all the uni related things I went to this week have been interesting.

In between all the fun I feel like I have made my way through some solid reading. I have not quite got through all the reading on the categorising of research methods that I want to get my head around, so that post I promised a while ago is still to come.

Yes, I am a big geek. When I get further into my candidature and have to do some real work I hope I am still able to have some of the enthusiasm, energy and sense of enjoyment that I am lucky enough to have as a feature of my daily life at the moment.



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