Control our young people?

Included or excluded? Low SES young people and the community by Rosalyn Black & Lucas Walsh (Foundation for Young Australians)

Today was another good seminar hosted by the Brotherhood of St Laurence as part of their lunchtime seminars series. Lucas Walsh and Rosalyn Black are clear speakers who put forward a concise paper, but clearly one with a great deal of research behind it. Their paper was a critique of the fluffy language of policy while indicating they are still able to work within the terms and scope of the Australian policy discourse.

I thought one of the more interesting questions was about whether or not there are positive aspects to using participation as controlling young people. The question cited early intervention or preventative programs as examples of potentially positive uses of control. Rosalyn Black responded to this question by explaining that her use of control in this context is completely critical, and said something along the lines that we need to do what most genuinely enables or respects young people. I do not think that Rosalyn interpreted the question differently to me; I think she really does mean that being an active citizen means being a part of defining what is considered good, and that young people should be active citizens.


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3 Responses to “Control our young people?”

  1. Tomboktu Says:

    The paper doesn’t appear to be on the web. Do you have a bibliography of the research they cited?

    (I am interested in the critique of the fluffy language. I think that is often how the term “social exclusion” is used. Given my own research on the presence of the term in European human rights instruments, I am interested to see if the Black & Lucas criticisms apply in that context.)

  2. Tracey Says:

    The contact details are on the BSL website:

    They had a great powerpoint presentation which listed references, and they said that it would be made avaliable. However, I have not found it online.

  3. Tomboktu Says:

    Thanks for that. I had found it. I suppose an email to Black and.or Lucas is my next step.

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