Where to start?

Yesterday was probably not the most productive of days. I typed up some notes from a book I had bookmarked and tried to start putting together a literature review, which resulted in 36 words. The most productive part of my day was when I popped into work to get a mail out done. I would fill in this morning setting up journal alerts, but I have not even worked out what my key terms are yet and there is no way I am doing a review of every time the word ‘community’ gets used. Or maybe I should? It is not like I have anything more important to do with my time.

In theory I have a perfect slither of time between getting all my notes in order and being able to negotiate entry into my field site to get ready for confirmation. However, my coded notes and sorted references are not talking to me and I cannot come up with the questions with which to interrogate them. While I know that following what is happening in Australian politics on Twitter and finding junk to read on the internet is unlikely to give me any sudden answers, I think there is something in setting aside time to just fish. After all, this morning I came across an essay by Brendan Gleeson which says,

Preparing and guiding the urban lifeboats [in order to survive climate change] will necessitate a new form of governance, metropolitan commissions, that can steer most forms of production and consumption towards the rationing limits that must be assigned at the national level. Resource steering must occur at the metropolitan level, over the myriad municipal landscapes of our contemporary cities. The new structures must nourish democracy, recognising the ‘missing public’ in our political system, the metropolitan community.



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