Latham’s misjudgement

I have this idea that I will trace out the similarities and differences of Mark Latham, Wayne Swan and Brendan Gleeson’s assessments of what is good and bad about Australia’s suburbs, the nature of humanity and what their prescriptions for the future are. I am sure there is something more important I should be doing to prepare for confirmation.

So what did Mark Latham have to say about our society?

As a Member of Parliament, one of my mistakes was to promote the importance of aspirational politics. I wanted working people to enjoy a better standard of living, but had assumed that as they climbed the economic ladder, they would still care about the community in which they lived, and take heed of the interests of others, especially the poor and disadvantaged. This was my misjudgement of modern society.’ p. 16 in Latham, M. (2005). The Latham diaries. Carlton, Melbourne University Press.


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