Melbourne Fringe on place-people relationships

Melbourne Fringe Festival launched today and this is part of the email that landed in my inbox.

Made By Melbourne Fringe: Visible City

Visible City is a large-scale collaborative artwork and the keynote project of the 2010 Melbourne Fringe Festival. Working from The Commons, a converted shop in QV, a group of artists from Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia will work every day of the festival to create, develop and show new artworks for the streets of Melbourne.

Their canvas? The city itself.

Bookmark for all the latest, and for a record of previous works.

Fringe Furniture 2010: The City Has a Face, The Country Has a Soul

As the urban sprawl continues its outward creep, Fringe Furniture 2010 looks at the encounters between the city and its others. In 2010 Fringe Furniture will showcase bold new works and experimental forms that respond to its theme The City Has A Face, The Country Has A Soul.


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