What I am doing instead of writing blog posts

I am not a goal setter and I am a bit either way about deadlines. However, I have followed in the footsteps of others in setting a writing target for each day. I have started with a nice, round 1,000 words. The rest of my day is free to continue reading. It is nice to be able to say at 11.20am I feel like I have done something, but I also wonder if I am just filling in time rather than getting a step closer to my 8,000 word proposal.

My natural style of writing is to dump all my notes, quotes and ideas into rough section and then try to massage them into a piece of text. Unsurprisingly this results in pieces of text that are painful to read and that lurch from one vaguely linked sentence to the next. It also means that I find myself caught up in sorting out a level of detail that is probably not appropriate for a proposal. At the moment I am trusting that I have learnt something from all my reading and the sorting, coding and copy/pasting of my notes. The plan is to go back once I have a piece of text and add in relevant references and tease out interesting points in the literature.

I have no idea what an 8,000 word proposal should look like and how much discussion a rational can have before it turns into an essay, but there is probably no point in asking my supervisor about the specifics and then resenting the style and content requirements. At the moment I am happy to just write what I think will allow my advisory committee understand where I am coming from when I say that there is a question to be answered and how this intersects with the current literature. With a lot of luck in a months time I will be pleased with this use of time.


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