Online content and public comment

I spend a lot of time trying to keep up with local news that concerns my field site. I started off using Zotero to save pages of online content but I think I am going to have to come up with a more systematic way of keeping up with all the material.

The most interesting part of this reading is following the comment threads. I know comment threads only represent the views of those people who choose (and have the opportunity) to leave comments. However, I find them a fascinating window because so often they go beyond the story to open up bigger questions. I have put my reactions along with a few excerpts from comments made on the Port Phillip Leader story, ‘Election push to stop homelessness’ posted on the 15th September 2010.

I am the Greens candidate for Bass. I know homelessness is a real issue here, more than 5 people in every 1000 are homeless at any time. […] It’s an issue where spending the time and money early, will avoid greater costs in the long term. Neil Rankine 19 Sep 10

What does it say when even the Greens are talking about long term savings? Is there nothing we should do just because we think it is the right thing to do?

[…] “Social housing” denies children a quality life that previous generations were not. Matilda B 20 Sep 10

Why does owning property matter more than secure housing?

[…] If the authorities are thus overstretched to deal with the anomie of anti-social behaviour, then forcing the “marginalised” groups into an estate won’t work in the dealing with needs of the homeless. […] Jen 21 Sep 10

Ah, back to the debates around estates and social mixing. (Plus Jen gets bonus points for using ‘anomie’ in an response to a local newspaper article.)



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