Maybe coming into Uni was a good idea afterall

Okay, my supervisor just popped in for a chat and suggested I write down my views at the moment, and my motivations for doing this project. She wants me to make a note of my own experiences of community, and then to write up my experience of going from an outsider into an insider.

I explained that I was really struggling with was writing the words I need to get down for Confirmation. My supervisor said that I am getting a bit ahead of myself. Is my procrastination being sanctioned? Should I just leave it for now? Can I write and edit an 8,000 word proposal and a 20 minute talk in less than a month?



2 Responses to “Maybe coming into Uni was a good idea afterall”

  1. Natalie Swann Says:

    A whole month! You can totally do that. Enjoy the moment of sanctioned reflection – and the opportunity that gives you to talk about your experience with your supervisor. And why would this be procrastinating from your proposal anyway? It might actually be useful…

  2. Tracey Says:

    Thanks for the reality check!

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