I mentioned this already earlier in the week, but it has been playing on my mind somewhat. How can I do this project on ‘community’ when I have very little perspective and experience of life in general. A large part of me feels too young but perhaps this is a poor excuse. I am not that young and I am a living example of just because you have been alive at a time does not mean you have accumulated the relevant experiences. If it was not for being Facebook friends with my brother I would no nothing about university student pub crawls, balls and bands.

I think that there is something in the project of ethnography that is worth while. I am not as confident as my supervisor that I am doing ethnographic research as such, and I am certainly not going to write an ethnography at the end. However, I think there is something to be said for the project of ethnography which seeks to present an understanding of human experience on the group level as a whole drawing on what is actually going on. The social learning that ethnographic research is based on appeals to me. The researcher as sieve shaped by a range of frameworks does not distress me and I am satisfied with the level of discomfort I have around the violence of taking what other people do and writing about it.

I like to draw on a tradition that is all about going into a new and different situation to relearn how to be a person. Do I feel like I should have more ‘relevant experiences’ because I almost at home? Could there be any advantages in it being a home I know almost nothing about?




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