The absurd

‘Agris Rieksts, a 28-year-old software engineer, says there is still a macho culture in Latvia which encourages risky behaviour, such as fast driving, smoking and especially heavy drinking.

“It is kind of perceived that it is manly, that the more alcohol you can handle, the more of a man you are,” he says.

“Everybody understands that it is kind of absurd. But it is still there.”‘


There are so many absurd things in our world that we just learn to work around. Can good research help in unpacking these things so that there can be potential for public debate? This is an old theme of mine that I have harped on about in previous posts and, as I’ve said earlier, I really admire Cooper and Lousada’s (2005) Borderline Welfare for the way it deals with sensitive and complex issues without presenting reductionist solutions.


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