Am I a snob?

Last night I saw Tomorrow In A Year at the State Theatre. I loved it in that I was entertained, it threw up a few things to puzzle over and it ended with some awesome tracks I could have continued to listen to for hours.

My reactions to the audience were a little more mixed. There was evidence of the cutting edge of chic, and some heels that looked more like sculptures than shoes (I suppose a show in a venue with carpet stairs is THE perfect place to wear them). The applause at the end was almost non-existent by state theatre standards, which was alright because perhaps others did not like it as much or were less forgiving than I was of some issues with the quality of the sound and some of the timing. However, the person sitting next to me snorting throughout, shading her eyes with a program probably blocking the views of others and then exclaiming, ‘that is it!’ at the end disappointed me much more than the couple in the row in front kissing through the first half (probably because they were not blocking my view). So am I a snob for thinking there should be some unwritten rules? Is it worse that I was at such an elite event as a contemporary opera?

Just to show what a snob I am, we were the only ones who knew to take the stairs out of the back of the stalls straight up to the ground floor rather than joining the crush.

Anyway, this tram seems be almost at my destination so that is enough reflection for now.


4 Responses to “Am I a snob?”


    Well, I think you make some conflicted points here. It seems as through you are not the snob, but rather those who were suitably unimpressed with the performance are/were. Or, they could have “not gotten” the performance in the sense they were so culturally inferior they missed all that was good within it.
    Now, on the other hand, it seems as though perhaps you find there to be something good in being a snob: you knew which stairs to take; you are “on the outside looking in on the others”.
    I think I’ve made my point (?): yes and no.
    The question is: do you want [I mean that in italics] to be a snob?


    P.S. I hope my email address does not give away my identity.

  3. Kat Says:

    If I was to describe a snob, I would say that it is someone who considers common values (in this case, decency) to be below them. In which case, it is they who are the snob, and not you.

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