My aim is to write out my objectives

I  now feel like my supervisor and I are sitting in the same room where it comes to the place of theory in my data gathering. However, I have been much more concerned about my inability to write a list of objectives for my project that she feels are close enough to where I need to be for us to even begin to refine them.  Any suggestions?

This is what I had put in my draft:

  • Document actually occurring understandings and ideals of place based community (Is community something that residents of Port Melbourne aspire to be able to call their suburb? Are there some groups that are more likely to value this than others?)
  • Compare differences in what people do in, and how they describe, their suburb across different types of housing (What social interaction takes place within a suburb?)
  • Understand the relationship between the perception of difference and types of social interaction within a suburb (Does social interaction that take place within a suburb alter perceptions of difference held by residents?)
  • Explore whether place based social interaction and/or encounters can form the basis for an inclusive community (How can we read government calls for ‘inclusive communities’ in the light of an understanding of Port Melbournians’ experiences of and preferences in social interaction?)

My other idea is to go through the data I have gathered so far and find groupings of issues and work out objectives around the clusters of ideas that seem to be calling for deeper enquiry.  However, I feel like this is more likely to result in subheadings than actual objectives.

Perhaps the fact that I already have an understanding of my project and so now I need to turn it into language suitable for my confirmation report is the real problem here.



2 Responses to “My aim is to write out my objectives”

  1. Tomboktu Says:

    How would you like to complicate that a bit? (<ducks from flying show>)

    I know nothing about the particular place your research is based in. However, would the research also be able to consider the lack of place-based sense of community for some people there? Some years ago, I was struck by how a man from a deprived Dublin suburb whom I had met said he didn’t really fit in his community because he was gay.

    • Tracey Says:

      Yes, the fact that place based community is unlikely to even be the ideal for many people is something I am interested in. Perhaps part of my issue is the fact that I try to capture these sorts of potentials in a few, overly packaged up words?

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