Arguments for bridging social capital are making it into our newspapers

Yesterday The Age had an article by Adele Horin, ‘Lost inside our cultural ghettos’ which starts off with reference to Andrew Leigh’s book, Disconnected. The article concludes, ‘Rebuilding a sense of community is a good thing if it allows us to build bridges rather than build walls.’ In the article the book is largely described as an Australian argument for Putnam’s Bowling Alone.

Andrew Leigh’s work was the topic of an earlier post on this blog. In that post I was not all that complimentary in regards to the chapter I had read and I can already see that there will be some rather fundamental methodological differences between my project and the way Andrew Leigh considers social capital. However, it is a book I am hoping to get my hands on soon and I do feel reassured when what is being written by ALP (so the Australian government’s) politicians demonstrates the timeliness of own project.

A list of other newspaper articles about Disconnected can be found on Andrew Leigh’s blog.

h/t @mfarnsworth for the link (Yes, once again Twitter proves its value as a way for keeping on top of relevant articles.)


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