Squeezing in the writing while I squeeze myself into community life

There is nothing quite like a deadline to get me to decide what I am going to polish up and what gets deleted. My report is getting there, but there is no way that it will be polished enough for me to be particularly proud of it. There have just been too many ‘unmissable’ research events going on with the spring weekend events and the upcoming state election.

The one thing that has struck me about going to election related events is that so many things cost money. It is interesting comparing which events have a ‘charge’ and which have a ‘suggested donation’. Of course I should not be surprised, running events costs money. However, it is just one of those little things I have noticed through being there that I had not thought too much about in my reading.

I have started to pop up in some event photos on Facebook and I am starting to recognise, and be recognised by, more people at events. Hopefully I am not making people feel uncomfortable by being around.


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