Things learned from writing that big proposal

So, the piece of work I have spent so long worrying about has been sent off and I have been using the rest of my day, until I have to leave for a project related event, to get started on a paper for a postgrad conference next week and work on my confirmation seminar talk. While I am far from happy with my effort, it has been a good learning experience. Lessons to take away include:

  • If I need to write something then I really need to set aside time for it during the day. Getting to the computer at 6.30am is worth the effort.
  • Keeping lists of references on particular sub-topics saves time and effort overall.
  • I need to remember to put a footnote on written work that I have blogged about (I forgot at the last minute with this document).
  • When I am just trying to cover ground it is too obvious in my writing style. I end up with a boring text full of stodgy sentences.

This process has reminded me that being absorbed in writing is pleasurable and something I look forward to doing more of. I just hope that I can be a bit more organised so the result is a more pleasurable piece of work to read, and that I have done a good enough job to get to continue doing this for the next two and a bit years.


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2 Responses to “Things learned from writing that big proposal”

  1. Bryonny G-H Says:

    Excellent news! Well done you!

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