On the other side of confirmation

On Thursday I stood up with mostly handwritten notes and a few slides to speak at a bunch of people I know. I used most of the time to walk through my title and then to consider each of the questions I have included on my plain language statement. My plan is to put a summary on my project’s blog. The presentation could have been better planned, but I made it through the talk without too much anxiety and I have made it through confirmation. It was very exciting to get interesting and highly relevant questions. It was also a great relief, as I had not pre-planned any of the questions.

Now I can get on with my next lot of decisions. I need to get a bit more focus when it comes to what I am spending my time noticing and thinking about. I also need to work out what to do with all my election related observations and all that VEC data. I think my future self will not be pleased if I take a shoe-box approach.

So what I would like to take away from this experience

  • keeping the same, scrappy hard copy of notes for speaking off was a great idea because I knew my way around them so well
  • having the first part and conclusion of the talk written out in full is important but brief notes in the middle are okay
  • taking a risk with what goes on your power point slides is worthwhile
  • faking confidence makes it easier on your audience
  • writing down key words from interesting questions can help with reflecting on it all
  • set aside some time the day after an important deadline to catch up on housework and be nice (however self absorbed I thought I was in the lead-up to the deadline, I was probably 10 times as hard to be around)

There are a number of ideas related posts just waiting to be written at the moment, but I have so many notes to make and research related items to log that they may not make it to the web for a while.



3 Responses to “On the other side of confirmation”

  1. Bryonny G-H Says:

    You done good; it was a pleasure to be in the audience.

    I like your approach of having a written intro and conclusion and more general notes for the middle. I’m trying to wean myself off having a fully-written paper (because I too often spend more time tweaking words than improving points) so I might try it.

    • Tracey Says:

      Oh thank you!
      For the record, I did not have a completely written introduction or conclusion, but it is what I would aim for next time.

  2. Tomboktu Says:

    Congratulations on the confirmation

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