A post

Plenty of posts have been started, but they have not made it to the internet. This is not because I have much in the way of standards when it comes to what I post, but rather I really do not know what I want to say.

I have been a bit busy. On the university front, my desk at university had to be emptied out with very little notice and in addition to the regular routine I am building up I have been at a few Christmas Parties. I have also have a rather long list of personal tasks to get done because I am going on holidays soon (yay!). Being busy has slowed my reading right down to a trickle, which may actually be a good thing as it has not all morphed together into a fuzzy cluster of evidence and theories. However, being busy and away from my computer has not brought about the sort of flash of inspiration I was hoping for.

Perhaps it is a good time not to know what I want to say? I have a lot of months of listening ahead.



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    […] I bottle it.  Can’t write.  Nothing to say.  (I’m in good company since Tracey’s got nothing to say […]

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