Embodied dispositions on holidays

I am on holidays at the moment in India. This is the first time I have used an internet cafe here and I just cannot resist chucking a post up.


People are what I am usually most interested in, but here the attitude to looking at what people are doing seems to be rather different to my experience in Ghana, so I am not really learning much about day to day life. One of the things I am struggling to spot is how do people deal with sweat in the heat.

While us foreigners were sticky and dirty in Kerala (it’s cooler here in Madurai), I saw nearly not a single person needing to brush sweat from their face and hardly anybody is drinking water in public. This has given me much to think about when it comes to the embodied aspects of Bourdieu’s notion of habitus and the role of capacity in it all.


One Response to “Embodied dispositions on holidays”

  1. J3R01978 Says:

    Madurai is close or near the coast maybe that’s why there is not as many people suffering from a perspiration problem. Or maybe its because it maybe be referred to as the temple city maybe they worship away the stickiness.

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