Volunteering preferences (and social change?)

Obviously Google Alerts is not a particularly efficient way to stay on top of how the term ‘social inclusion’ is being used because I nearly missed this press release and report on the National Volunteering Strategy Consultation altogether.

Ms Plibersek said the report, National Volunteering Strategy Consultation, polled more than 800 volunteering groups and found that traditional forms of volunteering remained popular but new forms of participation were emerging and needed to be accommodated.

“Changes include a growing preference for online volunteering, more young people and highly skilled early retirees wanting to volunteer, and an increasing interest in short term or project based volunteering,” said Ms Plibersek.

… [it is] important to ensure that organisations were able to adapt to these changes so that they were able to continue to recruit and retain volunteers.


There could be some interesting implications regarding ‘community’ to be teased out of all of this. Perhaps I will have more to say when I get around to reading the report itself.



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