One of the things I am really enjoying about doing a PhD is that I get to do all these things I have never done before. This week’s new adventure has been tutoring.

The experience of being a student in many tutorials, as well as having seen the worn out faces of fellow postgraduate students after they made it through their first week tutoring duties, meant tutoring seemed like a rather formidable challenge. However, I have lucked out with convenient timetabling, a good room and two very different classes that both work well.


The first class is much too big, but when split into groups they powered through the set tasks almost too obediently (I thought if I gave them a vague task they would have a bit more of a chat about the subject in general). The second class were keen to talk as a whole group, and while I will have to be mindful of ensuring everybody has the opportunity to participate, the conversation managed to cover key topics and very relevant issues.

As is probably rather evident from this ‘back of house’ blog, I am much more interested in good questions than neat answers. Being able to be in the room to facilitate other people reflecting on some topics that I have spent the past year (and much of my working life) exploring has proved to be interesting so far. Hopefully the students find the time worthwhile.


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