Why is presenting so hard?

I still cringe when I think about just how much I spoke as a child. While I hope I am a lot more socially appropriate now that I am an adult, you wouldn’t call me quiet. So why do I find the idea of giving presentations so daunting?

Perhaps part of comes from knowing that I already take up so much conversation time that I feel a bit guilty taking up time in more formal settings? Or maybe speaking is one thing, but having to stand by something you say is another?

With practice my skills will hopefully improve, and with time and hard work I hope to become wiser. So maybe one day I will be confident that I am not merely taking up time. Until that day, I suppose the best thing I can do is to put a lot of work into what I want to say in the hope that if I am confident about the content I will be more relaxed when it comes to the delivery.

Still, that is easier said than done. After many months of pondering the ins-and-outs of the particular issue I want to present, a Sunday in front of my computer and 984 words I still have not managed to get anywhere near working out how I can present the issue I want to in my ethnography forum presentation next month. It is not a particularly formal group and speaking off a few brief notes is what is expected, but it feels hard.


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2 Responses to “Why is presenting so hard?”

  1. Bryonny G-H Says:

    I’m the opposite; I tend to find it hard to imagine how people could find it hard to present! I’ve just always felt comfortable with it, probably from being the kid who did the speeches at primary school!

    Maybe it would be helpful to think about your audience at the ethno forum and the elements of past presentations you’ve seen that have worked well in this sense?

    • Tracey Says:

      I think presentations have been most popular when they have had something to do with sex. Unfortunately I cannot see any way to sex-up my topic.

      Still, it is a great suggestion. I know what I think has not worked in past ethno forums, so perhaps I will put some more thought into what has worked and take a more positive approach.

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