‘We all’, what about you?

I have not caught the bus or the train/tram to ‘the field’ for a long time because I have been riding my bike. Cycling gets you up close to many of the bus stop and tram shelter advertisements, with a recent one being the Coles ‘Because we all buy…’ campaign. The milk price cuts have caused a bit of debate, but what I was most fascinated by was the use of ‘we’.

In Cliffton Hill many of the bus shelters promoted a price for a drum of olive oil with the text, ‘Because we all buy oil’. I imagine not everybody buys olive oil, but perhaps a lot is consumed in a suburb which has a reputation as traditionally an olive oil using migrant area which is now tightly held by cafe food eating types.

‘We’ is inclusive, but the fact that it is followed with ‘all’ demonstrates that they are only talking to people who purchase certain items. I am not sure why such drawing of boundaries in an advertising campaign has interested me enough to write this post, but I suppose some connections could be drawn with some of the work on the post-political I have been slowly looking at.


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