Should I get a flu shot?

Yesterday I thought I was experiencing hayfever, until that chest cold sensation took hold. Getting sick is just one of those things that is never convenient, but I feel like it is a bit more of an issue when I am unwell with something contagious seeing as I spend quite a bit of my time with older people. Getting older does not necessarily make you frail or helpless, but I know age is a risk factor for colds becoming more serious. Also, a lot of the people I spend time with support frail neighbours and friends. There are good reasons for being careful about what I do when I am sick.

On a practical level, sick days do not help me getting my project done and make me seem less reliable. If I stayed home every time I was not feeling 100% I would never leave the house as I seem to be coming down with a mild case of every flu and stomach bug doing the rounds.

Clearly not getting sick in the first place is the best course of action. So who has a crystal ball that would allow me to look into the future to work out if a flu vaccination is worthwhile?

These should/ forecasting the future issues are rather complicated.


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