Some quotes from Rancière on (in)equality

Some quotes form Rancière, J. (1995). On the shores of politics. London ; New York, Verso.

” Social science has of course always concerned itself essentially with one thing, proving the existence of inequality. And indeed in this endeavour it has been highly successful. But the fact that the science of social criticism is perpetually rediscovering inequality is to my mind precisely what makes it worth taking another look at the practices which set out to do just the opposite.” (Pg 45)

” The evocation of equality is thus not nothing. …: equality exists somewhere; it is spoken of and written about. It must therefore be verifiable. … How can one verify words? Essentially, through one’s actions. ” (Pg 47)

” This is the definition of a struggle for equality which can never be merely a demand upon the other, not a pressure put upon him, but always simultaneously a proof given to oneself. This is what ’emancipation’ means. It means escaping from a minority. But nobody escapes from the social minority save by their own efforts. The emancipation of the workers is not a matter of making labour the founding principle of the new society, but rather of the workers emerging from their minority status and proving that they truly belong to the society, that they truly communicate with all in a common space; that they are not merely creatures of need, of complaint and protest, but creatures of discourse and reason, that they are capable of opposing reason with reason and of giving their action a demonstrative form. ” (Pg 48)

So, anybody else reading Rancière at the moment and want to discuss his work?



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