Work now, rest later

I am feeling hopelessly behind with a range of project and non-project related tasks. I can either keep going as I am until it spirals completely out of control, cross some tasks off the list, find a way to get the tasks done faster, be productive for more hours in a week, or quit. At the moment I am in such a state of denial I think I can magically find a way to get the tasks done faster.

I was never really somebody who stressed until I started on the path of doing research at university. When I was writing my honours literature review it took me three days of having a funny sensation to realise I had heart burn and was feeling anxious.

Currently I still have some positive self talk going on. A lot of what I have to do is enjoyable. There are even some small wins to be proud of. This week I realised I am getting much, much better at asking questions and today I logged on and saw that my ethics amendment has received the first tick and is just waiting to be sign-off on.

However, I am turning into a terrible person to be around. My polite conversation skills have evaporated and I feel so drained that my eyelids droop down making me look completely uninterested. I will offer to make whatever food I am making for myself for others in the house, but will then take mine up to the computer to eat alone while clicking away at things.

The all consuming workload and lack of balance was anticipated, so there is not much of a reason to record this on a blog. Just think how good it will feel to have some time off!



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