Learning to see the differences that matter [and then working out how to talk about them]

One group I spend time with can spot the differences between weeds and what should be there. I've been learning this, SLOWLY.

Lots of people I speak with describe the suburb I am doing my project on as having a “mix” of people living there. I like to find out how the different people

are broken up, which often leads to value judgements being able to be read into the naming of the different groups.

To understand the significance, consequences and interpretations of a concept such as ‘community’ within a suburb requires being able to describe and understand these differences. In order to be able to explore how I should describe and understand these differences means being able to talk about peoples interpretations.

I feel like my project blog is a good place to test out how I think people carve up the social terrain of the suburb. How to do this in a way which does not paint the speakers in an unfairly negative light is something I have not quite worked out. I do not think badly of these people, but I think any critical account can be interpreted as criticism. It is like finding an unflattering photo of yourself on Facebook, it’s what the camera caught in that moment but it doesn’t mean it is the whole picture and you do not have to like it.


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