Learn how Neighbourhood Houses are helping people connect and find work

If you scroll down to the bottom of the Neighbourhood Houses page, you find a link that invites you to, ‘Learn how Neighbourhood Houses are helping people connect and find work‘. The page this clicks through to contains three case studies. The first one is about an isolated, stay at home mother (they do not call her that) who volunteered, gained enough confidence to train in hospitality, and is now employed at a school. The second is a healthy lifestyle program for grades 6 and 6 students from a low income area, based around making lunch on Thursdays. The third is about the popularity of workshops for seniors on choosing and working a mobile phone.

I have nothing against neighbourhood house involvement being a precursor for some people to work. However, I think it is a sad state of affairs when finding work is the most positive thing that can be put on a link inviting you to click through to the case studies.

I also think it’s a little condescending that the first case study concludes with,

‘Janet says that now she does her own homework alongside her two young daughters and how proud they are of her for achieving so much.’

Perhaps I am just being a bit oversensitive, but it seems a bit like they are suggesting she had to go back and grow up again.

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