A Global Interdependence Day Event

Today I went along to a Global Interdependence Day event. While there was mention that it is on today (12th September) because it was ten years ago yesterday those terrorist attacks took lives in America, really it was ten years ago TODAY in Australia we were watching the aftermath due to the international date line/ time difference and all that jazz.  I was also little confused as to whether I was being told Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister again, at least when some of his staffers spoke.

While there were many parts of this event where I found myself biting my tongue trying not to laugh, I think the committee did a good job as these events are always a bit contrived and full of contradictions. I really enjoyed Aunty Joy Murphy’s Welcome to Country and the Wurundjeri dance performance by Jindi Worabak. I felt free to enjoy it that little bit more because there were a range of other performances during the day, including by a professional jazz pianist (Dr Allan Zavod) and the Consul- General of Chile to Melbourne, so it did not seem like Jindi Worabak’s members  were there to perform while the people in suits were there to talk.

It would have been nice to see the challenged of ‘interdependence’ being taken on to change thinking rather than simply throwing it into what people want to say anyway. Although, that being said, it was interesting to see what axes people came to grind.

I was surprised that I ended up being assigned to the Indigenous Affairs table, but I think it ended up being quite an interesting table. In the discussion on our table I saw some of the tensions between learning the language of the system to be able to be effective on one hand and rejecting the terms on which the system is built on the other. However, that might be evidence of my predisposition to engage in ‘if all you have is a hammer’ thinking, rather than an interpretation that my group would have agreed with.

I did not stay to release the balloons, we were running late anyway and while they said that the balloons were biodegradable I seriously doubt the strings were and I did not think they were necessary in the first place.

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