Writing: Eeek!

This weekend I found out I needed to get in my response to the set reading for a master class I am doing later in the week. Staying up to finish work really is not something I like to do, I’m too old for it now. However, I had no choice seeing as all the hours I spent in front of my computer during the day today resulted in nothing useable.

The class is on hope and the future, so I was very keen to go along. While the past few weeks I had worked through my assigned reading and tried to get started on my reflection multiple times, I was really just drawing blanks. Why am I finding it so hard to write about something which I have spent so much time thinking about? I am very dissatisfied and embarrassed by the piece I ended up sending off, but it would have been more embarrassing to miss the deadline.

It seems like it is getting harder and harder to write as I go. Perhaps it is just having so much data which has not been really collated yet? Perhaps it is having had learnt so much from my field work that every claim I want to make I can think of at least one piece of evidence which supports the counter claim? Perhaps it is just spending months not having to work to deadlines and my brain has gotten lazy?

I want a holiday, but I think I need to start getting a bit more methodological and outcome focused in my approach to finding things out and then dealing with the data.



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