I think web masters have given up on comments

Do you remember ‘guestbooks’? Ah, how the internet has changed.

Guestbooks have gone, but sometimes we still expect that everybody who reads something and has a thought about it will comment. My project blog gets pretty close to no comments, but lucky for me it is part of my wider methodology that involves spending most days the area my project is about. I have had a number of discussions arise out of my blog posts, but these conversations are nearly always face to face with somebody I have gotten to know a little bit. I’m not sure if this happens because of different levels of comfort in different forms of communication, the sense of heightened risk/ greater importance that comes with putting something in writing, people worry they will cause me embarrassment by pointing something out to me on my own blog, or due to the extra effort involved in typing something out. However, it is certainly my experience and a count of comments on other blogs and Facebook pages relevant to my project suggests that nobody is drowning in online comments.



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