A reminder to myself to enter into the spirit of this literature review thing

I had written most of a rather boring post that meanders through some of my thoughts/ indecision when it comes to the lines I can draw around (or the directions I might try to head in) when it comes to this new literature review my supervisor suggested that I do. You see, I could go back to her and ask what she meant by ‘the’ literature, or I can do what I think would be useful for the loose cluster of ideas I have for what chapters I might end up having in my thesis. My supervisor suggested that re-reviewing ‘the literature’ would help give me more direction in my analysis, and also put a helpful amount of distance between me and my data.

It is rare that my supervisor suggests I complete any particular task. While some tasks seemed completely beyond my physical capacity as a human being who needs to find time for things such as sleep, and so I sort of ignored them (such as her suggestion to add in ‘time and motion’ studies for sites into my methodology), others I try to complete. However, I have this terrible tendency of doing the task with my own agenda. For example, when my supervisor asked me to write a reflection about everything I am bringing to this project, I simply sat down and wrote a rant about everything I was dissatisfied with regarding the research I did for honours. Her reaction was to thank me for writing that, and then to suggest that it is never shown to anybody else.

Time and time again I demonstrate that when I fail to enter into the spirit of the task, because I think I am ‘oh so clever’ and have my own agenda, the task ends up being a bit of a waste of time. Will I be able to exercise more self discipline this time around?



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