How I am tackling this new literature review

I am slowly getting on with another literature review. I decided to take the liberty of interpreting the broad task named by my supervisor as a broad suggestion, and have settled on doing a review of the genre of community studies. Initially I thought it was the sort of review I could get out of by simply finding one somewhere else I could reference, but I cannot seem to find anything current which focuses on the methods and theories behind community studies. So as I will need to write something for part of a thesis chapter anyway, I may as well give it a go now.

The plan of attack for getting a document written by the end of this month is to write as I read. In many cases I am revisiting texts, so I can anticipate what I am going to find. If a part of the text is not directly relevant to my review then I push myself to skim past. While there is a sense of danger that I may miss something, I am even more concerned about missing my deadline and I really want to hold up my end of the bargain. Getting this review done, and then having a committee meeting in the month afterwards was part of the timeline put together for my last review. Reading every word ever written about anything to do with my topic cannot replace having some academics read, and offer feedback, on what I write.

I am putting together a reference table of texts as I go and using Scrivener. While I am focused on using texts to complete this task rather than just engaging with them on their own terms, for books I am also trying to keep up a separate note file.

It is sort of nice to have a clearly defined task with a nearly impossible timeline. This sort of stress has distracted me a bit from my more general feelings of inadequacy. I feel less overwhelmed having something concrete to complain about.



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