“I like being married…” and other moments from a sunny Saturday

Alan Badiou: “… they are transgender – strange, mutant beings.”
Audience member: [audible gasp] – ‘Badiou on Art and Philosophy‘, 29/11/14

“Australia has monopolised enough of your time.’ – Justin Clemens, thanking Alan Badiou, 29/11/14

“I like being married: I don’t like Judy that much. I like getting off the phone and saying, ‘That was my wife.’” – Unknown male, over heard at Bronte Beach, 29/11/14

FYI- Not the people overheard, I am not that flippant about privacy.

FYI- Not the people overheard, I am not that flippant about privacy.

Drinking coffee outside the Art Gallery of NSW (coffee rather to my liking, which is not something I usually expect from a cafe in a park, particularly one outside such a high profile building), I saw a male walk past with [what appeared to be] a full size iPad wedged in the back of the waistline of his shorts. I probably should not admit it, but I have tried a similar strategy lately at times with my cycling map or phone while trying to navigate unfamiliar routes. However, I could not help but wonder whether [what looked to me like] his pronounced lower back curve was necessary for his bottom to form enough of a barrier to it slipping down, and whether this was intentional and/or something he was conscious of. I wondered if he did this often and if it had altered how he walked even without an iPad in his shots. I considered the different muscles used and whether this would help his shoulders sit better. When I considered how easy vague ANT references would be, my enthusiasm for following the chain of thought declined. I let the male with the iPad wedged in his shorts and my train of thought pass by without commenting to anybody else.

What does this indulgent account of my thoughts has to do with the quotes I started with? These are all moments from today I have collected together in this post. I am probably going to leave them all in when I ‘publish’ the post because I quite like the way they stuck out almost like interruptions in my perception of the structure of a talk (audience welcome-intro-talk-Q&A-thank you), overheard conversations at the beach, and people literally walking by. Having shared a snippet of my iPad network/assemblage story, I’ll spare us the details of the rest.

As for meta-commentary, there may be more of this sort of stuff appearing on my blog. I have noticed a proliferation in my Facebook posts and I think this is a more ‘appropriate’ medium for capturing some of those half-considered ideas.


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