What counts as [work on] the anthropocene

Lately I have been feeling a bit guilty every time I see or here a reference to ‘The Anthropocene’: I push on reading the commentary or participating in the conversation aware that I am not exactly sure where the boundaries lie around what is being referred to.

Thanks to this short post from anthropologist Paul Stoller, I am now a little less ignorant. It appears the dealing with impending environmental catastrophe through social justice is not a strange slippage, but actually constitutive of at least Stoller’s approach.

Perhaps this is something I should be a bit more committed to being across? After all, the work of Erik Swyngedow (a geographer) has had quite an influence on me (even if I do not use to frame much of what I write these days).

h/t, for the link to the article, to HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory on Facebook



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