Vain noise

I am fascinated by laments that some academic’s novel work was not taken-for-granted-as-valuable within the very perspective it seeks to transcend. One recent example is this talk of trying to get academic recognition for texts written with a non-academic audience in mind. (Please let me repeat, I am fascinated by — not rejecting — such ‘calls’.)

Of course, to successfully argue that ‘YOU should have already been taking this seriously’ is an effective way to change the order within which the conversation continues. But does anybody else take pleasure in participating in something that is as useless, silent and ephemeral as possible; activities not marked out as a ‘break’ to ‘recharge the batteries’; and dwelling with a focus that could be an opportunity for different ideas to surface, yet with such potentialities just as likely in any other moment of attentiveness?

Perhaps my fascination is possible because I have the safety of just never being successful enough to have this problem. More charitably, I suppose this fascination goes some way to demonstrating why I find working with the concepts I have drawn from the work of Jacques Rancière enjoyable.


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