Tired/In the world with other people

Yesterday morning, I took some time out to draft a post about fatigue. December has come with a lot of time around other people. It has been enjoyable. But there is also much sadness, with a couple of deaths bringing a sense of loss.

My draft post included the following reflections.

How wonderful it is to share in the ups and downs of rather unremarkable happenings. Gratitude for the people I know swells many times a day. I do like to chat. I really love to listen and hear. Getting swept away in the busyness of social activities is a lovely break from charting my own way through the day. It is the presence [and impression] of others that populate my reflections and observations. (Perhaps ‘impression’ implies a faulty metaphor.) But I know listening and engaging demand energy. Sometimes I appreciate hoarding my awareness for what is thrown up in – the content of – my own reflections and observations, rather than in direct interaction with others.

However, I was interrupted by a phone call alerting me to what has been referred to as a ‘siege’ in the city. The caller had not been able to make contact with some of my current house guests and wanted to both be reassured that they were okay and to alert us all of disruption in the CBD. Contact was made. The house guests did need a voice on the other end of the phone to help them navigate their way through transport changes. Last night, I racked up more sleep debt as I stayed up late chatting with my house guests – some of my family.

Here I am now, taking a few moments out to write this post, safely removed from the suffering associated with the siege itself (including the suffering of social fall out and even from commentary I find objectionable).


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