Wherever [and whenever] I look at my words, that’s my office

Working in the backyard of anotherI have had a semi-nomadic month. I have been back and forth from my current home. Time has been taken up with airports, conversations and packing/repacking. I have also benefited from the investment of time by others as beds have been made, meals prepared and coffee machines restocked with beans for me.

By some minor miracle (and at the cost of my failure to catch up with many people I would have loved to sit around and chat with), I have gotten some work done. Perhaps was because I benefited from a supervision meeting at the start of December? (First meeting with both my current supervisors ever!) The conversation in the meeting was very useful because some concerns I need to respond to were identified and some other concerns I had were dismissed. Also, this meeting upturned my work plan. I have a much larger body of work to get done before the next deadline than I had anticipated. I either get stuff done this month or everything will be sacrificed in the first two weeks of January: sleep, exercise and the sense of achieving a goal.

I do find that constraints are useful for getting work done when (and perhaps only when) I know what I want to get done. The constraints that come with addressing comments from others and meeting a deadline are probably useful now because I have an idea as to what I plan to say. The constraints that come with living out of a bag, in spaces that are the domain of others and with a schedule that is not my own are useful for focusing on what I know I need to do in those moments of time I do control.

It probably helps that the people and some of the workspaces have been familiar. Summer and sunshine always make life feel easier too. But, most significantly, I am willing to prioritise hitting this deadline over enjoying time with other people.

I might be all over the place (and have lost my copy of Fassin (2013) Enforcing Order along the way), but I have the grounding of a goal. This is a nice place to be.



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