A partial list of resources on getting writing-work done

The past few days, I have had lots of conversations with a friend about approaches to getting writing-work done. How many bits and pieces I have stumbled across on this topic!

I am always surprised when I find an Australian-University PhD candidate who has not come across Inger Mewburn (aka The Thesis Whisperer). Her blog is great for finding new strategies and tools to try. She is a proponent of pomedoro, and  think her blog is where I first encountered Scrivener. There’s also a recent post on Mendeley*. It is a great site to visit when you want to feel less alone, whatever your student related angst of the moment happens to be.

There is a lot of formal work on this topic. Various writers have left instructions (I always find Henry Miller’s 11 Commandments particularly memorable). Biographies have also been turned towards thinking about how to keep working (e.g. Damon Young’s (2008) book, Distraction).

I think that to just remember that there is a program called ‘Write or Die‘ (some prefer Written? Kitten!) or that somebody has made a career out of PhD comics can be a good check on expectations. After all, the job of writing up a PhD is often tough. Plus, there is so much meta-commentary to get distracted by.

*My favourite tools are Mendeley and Scrivener.



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